11 October 2009

Some videos

Lately, I've been watching some cool videos on software development. Here they are, along with my notes on them:

UI Fundamentals for Programmers, by Ryan Singer.

Base UI on a Model
Be explicit and use a lot of language.
Break screens out w/ REST
Least Effective Difference
Screen -- design from the inside out
Flows - think about actions. Split
every action into 3:
 1. start: how to i get to it?
 2. middle: post note.
 3. end: where do it go afterwards?
Small sizes, < 10px, Verdana. But not so good for larger sizes.
Lucida Grande lot

Why marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department, by Seth Godin.

Ideas that spread, win.
Build marketing into the software.
Make it connect.
TV thinking -- average products for average people.
If you're gonna interrupt everyone, you'll have a product everyone will 
will wanna to buy.
You're solving a problem that most people don't think that they have.
Clutter is not your friend.
You deal with clutter by making more clutter.

Do something totally different.
And people will talk about it.
At the edges, people wait in line.

Don't force new medium, but
build stuff that fits the new medium.

You are in the story telling business.

Hard to make money in the middle.

The new way:
(1) be remarkable -- encourages people to talk about it
(2) tell a story about it
(3) THEY spread the word
(4) and THEY come for another story

Build a tribe: help people connect
with each other.
Build a tribe: stand up for something